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Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Vibration feeder, reliable operation, low energy consumption, low noise vibrating feeder is mainly used to feed to the belt conveyor, bucket elevator material uniform, continuous, screening, crushing, screening and crushing machine is mainly used for fine materials has also increased the crushers for processing capability, equipment can be flexibly adjusted, to realize the centralized control. And the automatic control of the production process.

Vibrating Feeder advantages

Vibrating feeder has the advantages of simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance is good, the exciting force can be adjusted; change and control the flow, convenient operation; the eccentric block vibration source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance.

without the phenomenon of red material; if the closed body can prevent the dust pollution of stable vibration, reliable work, life long; can adjust the excitation force, and control flow can be changed at any time, convenient adjustment and stability; vibration motor as vibration source, low noise, small power consumption, good regulation performance, without the phenomenon of red material.

Vibrating Feeder attention tips

  • the boot carefully before inspection and maintenance work.
  • special attention should be paid to the discharge is uniform, discovered the plugging material or card data should be timely treatment.
  • is arranged on the crusher adjusting bin row groove feeder feeding mouth suddenly stop and not discharging, shall immediately notify the crusher feed.
  • two sets in the chute feeder (spare), not at the same time unloading, when the Stone mud content is larger, but every per hour replace another use.

Vibrating Feeder Technical Data

Model Trough Size(mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size(mm)
ZSW 180x80 1800×800 300 30-80 970 6-1.5×2   2200×1100×800
ZSW 200x120 2000×1200 300 80-500 970 6-2.2×2   2000×1200×855
ZSW 300X85 3000×900 300 40-100 970 6-2.2×2   3050×1430×1550
ZSW 380X96 3800×960 500 90-200 710 6-11 Y160L-6/11 3880×2240×1880
ZSW 420X110 4200×1100 580 150-350 710 6-15 Y180L-6/15 4300×2450×2010
ZSW 490X110 4900×1100 580 180-380 780 6-15 Y180L-6/15 4980×2450×2010
ZSW 490X130 4900×1300 750 250-450 780 6-22 Y200L2-6/22 4980×2710×2050
ZSW 600X150 6000×1500 800 600-1000 780 6-30 Y255M-6/30 6160×2919×2293